To be successful online or be a good copywriter, it is essential to know the rules of web writing and to know how to write for the Web. Today we see in detail the features that a text must have for an online reality and some valuable advice about it!

The world of online marketing is very different from traditional offline marketing, and so are online texts to a large extent. Nowadays it is essential to know how to write for the web and learn about the different facets of Web-Writing in order to define oneself as a good copywriter.

Today we will see together how to write effective online texts, or textual contents that allow us to achieve the business objectives set and that are positioned in the best positions on Google. Without wasting time we see together some effective tips!

Study the person buyers

Fundamental, both in online and offline writing, is knowing the person to whom we are addressing. The person buyer is in fact a model that tries to outline, in the most precise way possible, some characteristics of the target to which it is addressed.

This is of great help in marketing strategies and in writing for the Web, because it allows us to draw some considerations on the type of vocabulary to be used, on the footprint to be given to the content, on the way of dealing with the topic and on how to play on the needs and needs of our potential readers.

Heals the Tone of Voice

The Tone of Voice is based on the brand and the model of the personal buyers, and outlines the personality that we want to express through our text. Simply put, the Tone of Voice, or simply ToV, is precisely the tone you want to give to your content.

The ToV must express the characteristics and strengths of the company for which you are writing and must be an expression of the brand’s personality and values. When a copywriter is given a job, the Tone of Voice must be clearly expressed and outlined in the guidelines to be followed, so that the text is consistent with all other content and fits properly with the brand.

The tone of voice is an element that should not be underestimated for any reason and that makes it possible to make the difference both in online marketing and in traditional marketing.

Use web-writing techniques

It seems obvious, and for many of you it will really be, but the first rule to follow when working on a text for an online reality, be it a product sheet or an article for a blog, is to follow the techniques of Web Writing.

First and most important technique to be used is that of the inverted pyramid, a technique that involves inserting, in the highest part of the text, the most important part of the topic, in order to immediately attract the reader’s interest. Other small online writing tips are:

  • Use of bulleted and numbered lists
  • Subdivision of the text into many small paragraphs
  • Use of title tags (H2, H3 and so on)
  • Use bold
  • Use images to break up the paragraphs
  • Use simple and clear words

Writing for the Web must necessarily rely on a careful search for keywords, which helps to understand both what nuance to give the article, which topics to deal with and which keywords to use. A good copywriter who knows the rules of Web-Writing and relies on good keyword research, is sure he will be able to place his articles and content in the highest positions of Google.

Take care of the title

The title has always been an element of great importance, not only in writing aimed at sales, but also in information and entertainment. Online, however, the title plays an even more important role, especially with regard to SEO.

The title, more commonly known online as a title or page title, is not only an element of the text necessary to attract the reader’s attention and to explain what will be discussed in the article, but it is also one of the main positioning factors on-page.

Fundamental, for an effective and well optimized title on the SEO side, is the insertion of the keyword, defined in the previous phase of keyword research, as far as possible to the left. The title must however be clear, well written, short and effective and, possibly, present as much information as possible and keywords useful for positioning.


As you will have understood in this article, a good online writing does not only provide an excellent knowledge of Italian and a good writing ability, but also, to a large extent, provide marketing knowledge.

Writing is in fact a powerful tool that allows us to reach numerous leads and be able to convert them into customers through persuasion and marketing techniques based precisely on the use of words. This is why it is important to know how to write for the Web in order to draft effective online texts that allow us to achieve the intended business objectives.

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