Today we will try to understand why opening a Company Blog is a fundamental step for every type of company, which will be able to draw many advantages from this.

If in 2017 you have not yet had ways to design and open your company’s blog, you must fix it now, now.

Why? Because while you wait your competitors might already be writing what you should have written yourself, and they are already getting all the benefits and improvements you could have achieved yourself. The corporate blog must become your fundamental tool for content marketing and link building, thanks to which your business will achieve remarkable improvements.

So let’s see why opening a corporate blog is now a necessary step for every online reality and how accurate management of this can increase the company’s sales.

What is a corporate blog?

The corporate blog, also known as a corporate blog, is a web space within which the company, or whoever it is, takes care of writing content and relating to users, providing useful and interesting quality content. The blog will then collect articles written by company employees, or external copywriters, concerning the niche in which the company operates.

The blog must absolutely not be seen as an aggregator of useless news or of so many poor quality contents, but it must be taken care of and designed to contain high quality contents that can help improve the visibility of the company and increase sales. However, although the blog allows informal and more direct language, you will always have to be careful to say the right things in the right way.

A successful corporate blog will have to respect certain characteristics, such as relying on an editorial plan that allows it to work properly over time, contain content that is unique to its own niche, not use a self-referential tone and, most important of all, must create value for the reader.

5 reasons to have a corporate blog

We have seen what a corporate blog is and what are the main characteristics that this should have to achieve concrete results. But what results are we talking about? A blog structured and designed according to a precise content marketing strategy and periodically edited can exponentially increase the visibility of your company, the trust it conveys and the sales it makes.

Brand Awareness

Your company’s blog is the showcase of your skills, your availability. If your articles are written correctly, visitors and customers will start talking positively about you, recommending your content and contacting you for any research in your niche.

Through a blog you may be able to be recognized by consumers and customers and be associated with one or more products in your niche, or create a strong brand. In a few words, the more you care about your blog, the more you will improve your brand, so that consumers and potential customers recognize your products and services.

Acquire New Customers

Having a blog that works means having fresh and periodically published content that will help you increase your organic traffic and social media. The more you manage to create valuable content, useful to people, the more they will get a great deal of media coverage, bringing to your site a large number of visitors who, with the correct strategies and attentions, can become your future customers. The blog is indeed an inbound marketing tool, which will allow you to gain visibility and prospects, which could turn into customers.

Retaining old customers

Content creation will not only help you to acquire new customers, but also to retain long-standing ones. This will be a benefit that you will get mainly in two ways: creating valuable content that interests customers and leads them to discover new services and products, and gaining the trust of visitors, showing you as a capable, professional, helpful and great company quality.

Thanks to the trust that will be created between you and the customer, you will be able to convince him to buy your product again, or to buy a service that he previously considered too expensive but which, after seeing how much you are worth as a brand and professional in the sector, he decided to buy, trusting you.

SEO and Outbound Link

To treat this advantage accurately we should write at least two other articles. The corporate blog is a particularly effective tool in improving the search engine positioning of your site, for many different reasons. First and foremost, the number of articles facilitates positioning, so it is much more likely, and above all easy, to place a site with an elaborate corporate blog rather than a simple showcase site, which is unlikely to succeed in positioning itself well.

Creating optimized SEO articles will also help improve the site and the services it offers, as well as offering you the opportunity to expand the architecture of internal links to your site. However, there is another fundamental question, namely that, as highlighted in a study on the Hubspot blog, sites that implement a corporate blog in their strategy get 97% more inbound links than companies that do they are lacking.

Thanks to a good content marketing strategy and a corporate blog, valuable valuable backlinks can be obtained to improve search engine rankings. The blog is therefore fundamental for the link building strategies and above all for those of earning links, that is spontaneous gain of value links obtained thanks to the creation of useful and quality contents, such as in-depth articles, guides, infographics and studies.

Influencing purchasing decisions

A 2013 research conducted by the Technorati portal on Digital Influence revealed that blogs are the third most influential resource when it comes to online shopping. This is because people see articles as an honest and objective source of information that they can trust.

Before proceeding with the purchase, prospects try to get as much information as possible, especially by reading articles, testimonials and case histories on blogs. The objective of the company blog is therefore not to do direct marketing and to try to sell a product or service, but to positively influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers.


These are the most important reasons that should push you to open a company blog or to treat it more carefully. But now it’s your turn: what are your personal experiences? Does your company have a blog and have you achieved important successes? Let me know in the comments below and share your experience.

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